Whiteboard Video Graphics

We’ll be rolling out our all new sets of Whiteboard Video Graphics and other hand drawn video elements this spring 2017! These sets will include both male and female characters and represent the various¬†ethnicities ¬†of the world. And we will include lots of extras like whiteboard background settings, props and more.

As you can see we don’t have those ready just yet; if you’re interested in getting these Whiteboard graphics as soon as they are available and get a 20% discount, be sure to sign up for our “Whiteboard Graphics Mailing List” today!

Whiteboard Sketchy Video Character Notification Sign Up

We’ll be sure to send you a notification email as soon as the¬†graphics are ready, and we will give you a 20% discount code so you can get them at an even more affordable rate!

For now, you can see an example of what those graphics will look like to the left; say hello to our first character – John!

When John’s set is ready, he’ll have all kinds of options available for promoting your products and services through the power of entertaining video. You will be able to change his hair, eye and clothing color, and choose from a variety of hand gestures with two different poses so you can set your Whiteboard videos in motion!

You’ll also be able to set these Whiteboard Motion Characters in various scenes with several different prop options to make your videos pop. And the real beauty of our Whiteboard Video Character sets will be the ease and speed of these options, because like John, all of our Whiteboard Characters will come with a convenient Whiteboard Character Builder in Photoshop PSD format. So you’ll be able to create the character(s) and poses you need in no time.

Later on we’ll have Adobe AE templates available with the Whiteboard Characters in motion and all set up for you to easily change the text to your likeing. We have lots in store for you, so be sure to get yourself on our Whiteboard Character Notification & 20% discount list, and be on the lookout for exciting news from us this spring!

All Our Best – The Video Graphics Edge Team

Whiteboard Video Graphics

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