How To Drawing Transition In Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

How To Drawing Transition In Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

So in this post we having something pretty cool to show you; this Premiere Pro tutorial shows you how to create a video effect that transitions from a drawing to a real life photo…in motion!Ā 

There are lots of uses for this effect; it works great for travel bloggers/vloggers, home decor videos, landscaping businesses and more. Because the drawing appears to come to life, it’s usefull for a variety of different videos, even website video headers and sections. And if you’re an artist, your drawings can litterally take on a whole new look!

Premiere Pro Drawing Transition Video Tutorial

Of course, we always screen the videos we point out for quality, and while this one may be a bit harder to understand, the concept is just so stunning we wanted everyone to see it. This tutorialĀ is perhaps a little advanced for beginners, but as always, we encourage you to try it anyway. Most Premiere Pro effects aren’t as difficult as they may seem to start, so just take your time and if you mess up, oh well. The important thing is that you tried!

How To Get Images For Your Premiero Pro Drawing Transition

Need a sketch to use for your transition? Ya, this can be tricky, since you need both the drawing version as well as the full color photo version of the image to pull this effect off. Of course, if you are an artist, you can just do a drawing yourself. And you should, for the sake of originality. But if you can’t draw, no worries, Adobe has a fix for almost everything. Just hop into Photoshop and create a drawing!

Use the video tutorial below if you need help creating your drawing image. (Don’t forget, if you need an image to use you can just go to Pexels or Pixabay and grab one for free.) It’s not the best tutorial ever because there is no voice over, and it’s not the latest version of Photoshop, but the effect is so simple you should be able to getĀ the drawing version of the image in Photoshop to use in your Premiere Pro Drawing Transition

So now you just take the image you started with, and the drawing you created in Photoshop, and use them to create your Premiere Pro Drawing Transition. Cool right?

By the time you’re done with this you’ll have two new skills! If you are a beginner this is a good example of using both of these Adobe creative suites together to make something that is really stunning. Otherwise, you probably already know how beneficial having skills in both Photoshop and Premiere Pro can be, and we hope you picked up a new idea for your next video!

We hope you enjoy this project, or maybe we should say projects. And we hope you’ll visit again for another fun Premiere Pro Video Tutorial soon…or, if you want to try another one right now:Ā VisitĀ Our Youtube Video Tutorials Page Hereāž¦Ā 

How To Drawing Transition In Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

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