Premiere Pro Transition Tutorial Video – Deflections

Premiere Pro Transition Tutorial Video – Deflections

For the past few weeks we’ve been discussing some really cool transitions like the ones in the popular tv series, Sherlock. We apologize, we took a little break from our posts this week because we are majorly busy on our new video character graphics. So tonight we’re back, taking the time to bring you this Sherlock transitions theme with another fun Premiere Pro Transition Tutorial Video – Deflections!

Premiere Pro Transition Tutorial

So, these may not be exactly like transitions in Sherlock, although so close, they fit right in. We aren’t going to get into too much discussion here, just let you enjoy the video. However, these transitions would look great in marketing videos, or even vlog posts, so we wanted to make sure and point it out, and share it with everyone here on the blog.

The smooth overlay transitions detailed in this video are pretty easy to do, but they add tons of cinematic affect to any video. Meanwhile, the “Popping Shapes” are a great way to make your transitions more interesting (basically overlaying shapes to help blend the transition), and the video discusses using audio affects for flawlessly pulling off those transitions.

This seemed like the perfect project for a Friday night, very energetic, active transitions that pop. So grab a cup of coffee, fire up Premiere Pro CC 2017 and get ready to roll with those transitions!

Premiere Pro Transition Tutorial Video – Deflections

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