How To Use New Title Creator In Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week

How To Use New Title Creator In Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week

We’ve been focusing on Premiere Pro video titles here this past few weeks. This week we have an informative video for you that will show you¬†How To Use New Title Creator In Premiere Pro!

We love this new feature that Adobe has create for everyone to use. Although we were fond of the old way of creating video titles, we have played around with it and find it super-helpful.

Adobe obviously found the old way to be outdated, and made it easier to add titles, styling etc.

So forget the old way, this is better. (In our opinion anyway.) And we have to hand it to our favorite video editing software company, Adobe, for making their software even easier to use.

Although we are just dying to jump in here and make our own Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial videos, it will just have to wait. Because we’re still just too busy making¬†unique, new video graphics for you right now!

We know, we keep saying that. But the Whiteboard Video Motion Character Builder we are creating with Adobe Photoshop is going to help everyone out so much, we have to stay the course!

That being said, if you Click This Link & Join Us, you can Get Our All New Whiteboard Video Character Builder for 20% Off when it’s ready this fall 2017! You’ll be notified when the graphics builder is ready, so you can grab your copy and make entertaining explainer videos, marketing videos, what ever you need!

And of course, they will work beautifully with Premiere Pro, or any video editing software you choose to use.

Okay, so, enough of that. Moving on…

If you are going to create awesome videos for marketing, explainer videos etc., you simply have to have great titles, with styling and animations that make your videos pop!

Enter this informative Youtube tutorial by Video School Online, showing you how to do just that! Make great titles using the new New Adobe Premiere Pro Title Creator.

Another great tutorial for beginners, this video walks you step by step through creating video titles using the new method. So grab a cup of coffee, fire up Premeire Pro and make your titles awesome!

For more recommended Premiere Pro CC Tutorials visit¬†Our Youtube Video Tutorials Page Here‚ě¶

How To Use New Title Creator In Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week

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