Write On! Premiere Pro Text Effect Video Tutorial

Write On! Premiere Pro Text Effect Video Tutorial

Looking for an awesome way to transition in your video script font text? Then you’re going to love todays’ Premiere Pro Video Tutorial, where you’ll learn how to create a write-on text effect that really brings your text, and videos to life!

This video tutorial was inspired by the elegant write on text style in Beautiful Destinations videos. If you haven’t seen those, here is an example…and Ahhhh, Venice!

Pretty cool right? Of course, that’s why Beautiful Destinations uses this write on style text in quite a few of their videos.

This is a little more complicated than some of our other tutorials. Probably not best for a beginner; you may want to work with titles and get familiar with them before you try it. But for those with some title and text skills already at hand, it should be pretty easy to get the hang of.

Now, the footage used in this video is just gorgeous. But don’t worry if your footage isn’t quite this good; this write on text effect will add flair to any footage. Even your iPhone footage. And while this effect may be best used on a script font, you may want to try it with other styles of fonts as well.  Also, just because this example has an elegant style, doesn’t mean the write on text transition won’t look good with other video themes. So we suggest that you have some fun with it if you have another type of video you would like to use the write on transition/effect for.

Why Write On Text Effects?

Well, first of all it will help keep your viewers engaged, interested in watching to find out what you have to say. It’s popular these days to have animated text effects, because plain old text transitions get boring. And this one just looks fantastic!

Even though this is a recent video tutorial, he appears to be using what is now called the Legacy Title feature instead of the new method Adobe has available.

There is a link in the Youtube video to download the font shown in the video, but you can use any script font you like. (It’s only free for personal use projects; the commercial license is $39 and up.) No worries, this write on effect would look good with the standard AR Berkley font, and there are others that come with Adobe Typekit that would work well too.

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Write On! Premiere Pro Text Effect Video Tutorial

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