Photoshop PSD Branding Logo Templates

Photoshop PSD Branding Logo Templates

As you probably already know, one of the most important tasks to tackle when starting a business is brand strategy, and getting a logo that effectively communicates the message of the business or company to the target audience. The colors, imagery, shapes and fonts used in a logo are the elements available to us to get that message across. And when it comes to this vital part of any business image, online or off, a logo needs to be memorable and attract the attention of the target consumer.

Before any logo design project begins, it is important to decide which shapes, colors and fonts will best fit the niche the business needs to thrive in, and grab the attention of potential customers. Great logos begin with carefull research into competition, and target customer alike. We must take into consideration what shoppers expect, want, and need to see in order to become customers, and be motivated to make take action.

Research is critical to deciding on a successful brand strategy, paving the way for logo design. And there is a lot to take into consideration when branding a business. The business name of course, but also industry or niche specific colors, color psycology, imagery, shapes that are commonly associated with the product or service the business is offering. When you take the time to do this research and planning carefully, the logo design will often work itself out.

Once the research and planning phase is done, we should have already have a good idea of the basic style of logo we need to go for, and the fun part can begin. But unfortunately, this is often where things get hung up for longer than they should. This is where all those options come into play, and things can get seemingly more complicated than they really need to. Not that a logo deserves any less than a calculated, carefull approach, but it shouldn’t take so long and become so complicated that it holds up the show for months at a time.

Branding Logo Templates

Logo Templates are a great way to simplify the process of getting a logo. Whether you are a freelance web designer, or a business owner in search of an effective logo, templates make it easier to visualize the look and style right up front, without absorbing a lot of work into something that doesn’t turn out quite as expected. And they make the logo creation process much less costly than a custom logo, while cutting down on time as well.

Choosing to use a Photoshop PSD Branding Logo Template doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice detail, that’s the great part about using a logo template, especially Photoshop templates. The colors, shapes, fonts…every aspect of the design can be quickly and easily customized, tweeked, altered or edited to suit the needs of the business, and fullfill the goals for the logo. It’s much easier to take what is learned from our research, choose a template design that is similar to the desired look, and customize it, mold it into the perfect logo, than to start from scratch. Which is also why this method of logo creation is typically far less expensive and time consuming than custom logo creation from scratch.

It’s also easier to create variations of logos for different web spaces, by simply altering the layout a bit, or maybe a lot, to accomodate for different size and dimension requirements. For instance, a business doesn’t generally just need one single logo for the top of their website; they’ll need a smaller square logo to fit into the Facebook profile space, and perhaps dark and light versions for different backgrounds. And how about favicons, a good favicon is important too. Bottom line is, templates make it easier to get these logos, without spending lots of time and money on it.

Business owners can go out, select a PSD Logo Template, then customize it themselves (its easier than you think-check out our free guide here), or hire a designer to customize the template for them to save time and money. Meanwhile, freelance web designers and graphic designers can offer template options for their clients to choose from, simplifying the process and cutting down on stress. This is especially easy when you get ahold of a great PSD Photoshop Template package with lots of options!

Since we know that Photoshop PSD Branding Logo Templates can make the logo creation process faster, easier and less stressful for business owners and freelance designers, we offer lots of great logo templates you can use to create attention grabbing logos in practically no time at all. We offer our templates with standard licensing for entreprenuers and business owners, as well as Developer Licensing for freelancers. And for freelancers another great benefit to getting logo templates here at Video Graphics Edge; our Developer Licensed templates can be used on UNLIMITED projects, without subscriptions, or having to purchase additional licensing for more projects!

We hope you enjoy our logo templates, and use them well to produce an amazing logo for your own business, or someone elses. And if you need help with Brand Strategy, be sure to grab a copy of our comprehensive Branding For Beginners eBook Guide, that will walk you through every aspect of creating your very own, sensational brand for your personal or company business.

Branding is a vital apspect to any business, and we want to help ensure that it doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. That’s why we offer premium logo designs in PSD format, so you can download a template instantly, then go and create that awesome logo you are looking for!

Photoshop PSD Branding Logo Templates

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