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June 2017 Featured Youtube Adobe Premiere Pro Video Tutorial On Basics

June 2017 Featured Youtube Adobe Premiere Pro Video Tutorial On Basics

In an effort to help others learm Adobe Premiere Pro, we will eventually be posting our own tutorial videos to the Video Graphics Edge Youtube Channel. But for now, we want to help you learn how to work with Premiere Pro CC with the best tutorial or “How To” videos that Youtube has to offer.

We choose these videos carefully, screening our selections for quaility, accuracy, clarity and effectiveness. Basically, we choose the best videos to help you learn a given task using Premiere Pro.

June 2017 Featured Premiere Pro Video Tutorial On Basics

We are starting our featured videos here on Video Graphics Edge with this great video that will teach you some of the basics you need when you start using Premiere Pro. This video shows you how to create a Title, adjust color, basic transition techniques, and working with audio in your clips.

These are definately topics to learn when using Premiere Pro, some of the first tasks you are likely to need when creating your videos. You’ll need to know how to create text titles for your videos almost immediately. Color adjustments are a great way to make your video footage or images more cinematic, making certain features pop more, or changing the mood when needed. Of course, you’ll want to know how to make your clips transition fluidly, to make your video flow well. And lastly, you’re likely to want some sound in your videos, so working with audio is an important task to learn as well.

We’ll be featuring a new Youtube video each week, and you can rest assured we will only recommend Premiere Pro Tutorial Videos that will help you get the skills you need to get your video job done right the first time!

So grab a cup of coffee, open Premiere Pro, import some images and footage, a little audio clip, and discover how to do some basics with this super helpful Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial from Justin Odisho 5 Essential Video Effects every editor should know!

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