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Sherlock – A Study In Video Transitions

Sherlock – A Study In Video Transitions

We came across this Youtube Video recently discussing the video transitions that enhance the storyline of the popular Sherlock Holmes series starring Benedict Cumberbatch. We could not have said it better ourselves and thought we would point out this video because we totally love the transitions used in the series. Plus, we are fans of Sherlock and enjoyed creating this post: Sherlock – A Study In Video Transitions!

Ya, it’s really hard to figure out that we are fans of Sherlock, right?

Probably goes without saying.


We were surfing Youtube for tutorials to help everyone out (because we consider that a fun way to pass the time) and found this video called Sherlock – How Creative Transitions Improve Storytelling”.

It sounded interesting, and since we can’t deny that we loved those great transitions and found them highly noteworthy ourselves, we checked it out.

A click that we didn’t regret, because we found this video to indeed be an interesting discussion. (We know, we are Video geeks, what can we say?)

So for all of you fellow video geeks, here goes…

For anyone who knows the Sherlock series, you surely noticed those awesome transitions that just flat out made the flow from clip to clip seemless as well as entertaining. Rather than having any akward or lengthy trasitions between the clips, the creators of this series opted to use video transitions to the fullest. At least in our opinion anyway. And this certainly paid off.

In fact, it’s likely that these transitions did in fact have a huge impact on the success of the series.

(No offense to Cumberbatch, for the record, we don’t think the series would have made it without him!)

Because they added to the storyline by tying things together so well, you are constantly entertained by this series, without hardly any scene switching lag time. Considering the rather intellectual theme of the series, this was a good move.

Among other things, those transitions added attention grabbing data and information that furthered the story without holding up the show in the slightest. Which was a great way to reveal certain aspects of the story without boring you with details.

So, the video transitions weaved throughout the Sherlock Holmes series are one of the best examples of video editing techniques available to video creators these days. And they show great use of the technology available as well when it comes to stunning video editing.

Of course, the transitions used in Sherlock were tailored to the look and feel of the series. So you have to be careful to use transitions that work well for your particular material.

For instance, while lightening fast, abrupt transitions work well for high adrenaline movies and series, and there were many of these used in the series, a lot of the transitions used in Sherlock utilize slower fades, layovers and other techniques that blended well with the theme.

And of course, Sherlock is so brainy that those techy transitions were a perfect fit too!

They also used lots of elements to add comedic flair, blurry fade ins, text transitions, effects techniques to impart urgency in the storyline where needed, and so on. But there is no sense in re-hashing this in this post – just watch the video! That’s why we picked it this week.

Now, some of these transitions are rather easy, and some are most definately what you would consider advanced. But as we know, once you figure something out it never seems as hard as it seemed when you start out.

So we would always encourage everyone to dive in and figure out your desired transition whenever you want to use one. You’ll just be building your skills, and making awesome video doing it!

How to get those amazing video transitions? Well, the best software to use if you want to create these types of cool effects would of course be Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

We’ll try to hunt down some good video tutorials to help you create some of these “Sherlock Transitions” in future posts. In the meantime we hope you enjoy the pondreing those transitions with this Youtube video, and our fun little post here on Sherlock – A Study In Video Transitions!

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Sherlock – A Study In Video Transitions



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