Featured Youtube Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week July 13 2017

Featured Youtube Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week July 13 2017

Feeling aggressive today? If so you’re going to like our Featured Youtube Premiere Pro Video Tutorial Of The Week July 13 2017 here. It shows you How to make FARGO STYLE SPLIT SCREENS side by side in Adobe premiere Pro using footage of two people getting slapped in the face. Fitting footage for the topic we suppose; however, this effect works great for other footage you would like to show split-screen style as well.

No new effect to cinema, this technique works great for story telling senarios where you would like to show two different peices of footage at the same time. The video tutorial will show you how to arrange the footage, crop the clips to fit, and how to set up that stunning “split-screen” effect with ease using Adobe Premiere Pro CC!

Again, this is technically probably an advanced tutorial, but we always encourage brave newbies to try it out. After all, what have you got to lose? And again, it’s easier than you may think. So don’t let it scare you; watch the whole video and give it a try.

Some other movies that have used this technique include quite a few Marvel movies, which is why it could also be considered that “Marvel Cartoon” style look where two characters are shown at one time “split-screen” style. It was also used in Kill Bill: Vol. 1 along with many other popular movies. And well, you get the idea.

But it has also been used in some popular music videos too. Most recently, a notable use of this type of effect was used to create some pretty mind-bending split-screen effects in Cassius’s new music track “Go Up”, featuring Pharrell and Cat Power.

It works great for showing what’s going on at the same time front and back, like showing the rear and front facing views of a car driving down the road in the same frame. Among other uses, it can be used to depict what’s taking place in two different places at the same time.

Anyway, enjoy this video by Youtuber Orange83 & have fun using this technique to create a video with a split-screen effect!

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